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Where to play

In Puerto Rico, there are many locations to play Beach Tennis. Click on the links here to reserve your spot now!

4 permanent Courts. Reserve by the hour to play. 


3 permanent courts. Reserve by the hour to play. 


They set up their courts in Ocean Park, San Juan, Puerto Rico, most Saturday mornings, with free basics practices and drills for their members & free doubles play matches all day with winners system.


4 permanent courts. Reserve by the hour to play. 


3 to 4 courts every Sunday at Isla Verde beach. Doubles play all day. 


4 courts teaching basic drills on Saturdays and Sundays.


2 good sand areas to set up courts in La Guancha, Ponce PR. Bring your own equipment and nets. First come, first serve.


Located in Playa Peñon Brusi, Camuy, Puerto Rico. Practices at 4pm on Thursdays, games on Sundays.

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