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BT Masters Leagues

Men's 40+ Beach Tennis - where all the fun begins!

BTLife Masters 40+

Rankings Points system

BTLife will evaluate and give players a Category per game level.

There are 4 Categories under 40+:







  • Each player will be place in a Starting Category group of players of same level.

  • The commissioner will post the 12 players group at least 2 weeks before the assigned Tours dates.

  • A Tour consist in a double elimination of 5 , 6 or 7 Teams Tournaments of one day or night.

  • Each player will play at Least 4 of a 6 Tours Season.

  • A Season consists in 6 Tours.

  • Each Player will play each tours with a different partner of same group, selected via draft with a chip system. No player will play 2 tournaments with same partner.

  • A draft ship system consist in chips marked with numbers and each player take one. The two player with same # of chip will be a team for that Tour.

  • Each player will accumulate individual rankings points after each tour.

  • A player could play more than one category on one date, of tournament, in that case the player will accumulate points on both.

  • A player could play more that one of same category tournament on the same day and will accumulate the best results in points of the day.

  • After a Season, BT Life Masters leagues Staff & Commissioner will post the finals Rankings points of the season and the new Category list for the new Season.

beach tennis life masters leagues players standing on the beach
A clip from the BT Life Masters League players

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