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Beach Tennis Life… simply stated, THE Lifestyle we strive for. A mix of action and good vibes, played at an amazing venue accessible to everyone, where camaraderie is the norm. The Sport is here to stay and we at BT Life want you to be a part of this awesome wave.



Our main goal is straightforward: bring Beach Tennis to all. It is an easy sport to learn and reach enjoyable levels of play, be it at a friendly game or at an amateur competition. As any sport, it requires hard work to master but that does not mean that the road to reach it must be rocky. Through our clinics, targeted activities and international level competition events we will bring alternative means to our community to learn, enjoy and compete in this amazing sport.

Vision of


a worldwide activity, played barefoot and in the most incredible beaches around the world.


local and international tournaments, championships, amateur and pro beach tennis leagues with an emphasis on community and targeted beach tennis programs.


all who want to enjoy this unique sport in an approachable environment, striving to become one amazing beach tennis community.


our event participants and provide a different type of service and experience, showcasing the friendly lifestyle of beach tennis.


with those who share our mission to bring Beach Tennis to all.


a healthy lifestyle, always.


It all begins where it is supposed to start…
on the sand.

Three professionals with different backgrounds were introduced to beach tennis in the early 2010s. At the time, both the Isla Verde Beach Tennis Club (IVBTC) and the Puerto Rico Beach Tennis Federation (FTP) were breaking ground. Luis had been active with the IVBTC for some time before Héctor and Jorge started playing with him, also in the settings of the FTP. Soon enough, the three of them struck a friendship and jointly got involved in some form or fashion in the directive bodies of these two amazing groups, assisting both organizations to grow and expand their respective memberships.

Jorge and Héctor joined the directive body of the FTP in early 2014. Jorge presided for a short period since his professional career took him to the city of Chicago. Héctor then acted as president for almost 3 years working in tandem with Luis who oversaw the finances. Both continued to be involved with the FTP managing the membership, organizing tournaments and providing alternate activities such as special events and free clinics to new and established FTP members. 

During this period, Luis also became the President of the Puerto Rico Chapter of the International Beach Tennis Federation (IFBT), one of the two most respected international beach tennis associations. At the time, the main IFBT event created by Luis was the now famous "Beach Tennis Extravaganza", which has always been hosted by the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort and is now entering its third edition. Soon enough, Héctor joined him as vice-president of the PR IFBT chapter and both expanded the work of previous beach tennis leaders in creating amazing tournaments and events utilizing the IFBT ranking system. Some of these tournaments are the “Beach Tennis in Paradise” held at Arecibo Puerto Rico and the second edition of the “Beach Tennis Extravaganza”. Jorge was still in Chicago but any time he could, he always lends a hand, or better said, a voice, to the events created by Luis and Héctor, establishing the roots of “Casper, the Ghost of Beach Tennis”.

Héctor, always the visionary, was looking for the “next level” in the beach tennis scenario. Based on his beach tennis experience and how the sport had profoundly changed his lifestyle in a positive healthy manner, he created the “Beach Tennis Life” logo. In the beginning, his intentions were merely to share hats for friends who would join him in tournaments or events, but soon enough his vision was expanded by an invitation to create on of the most unique Beach Tennis events ever held: the “Beach Tennis Dream” at Water Island, US Virgin Islands.

Luis and Héctor were engaged by Lisa Bonanno, owner of the famous Dinghy's Beach Bar & Grill in Water Island, to create and 8-court tournament in this beautiful strip of beach in the Caribbean. Immediately, they called Jorge (aka, Casper) to provide entertainment and narration during the event. The tournament sold out in mere days, at least three months ahead of the event day. 150 participants enjoyed this spectacular setting in family and camaraderie. The tournament more than fulfilled Lisa’s Dream to bring beach tennis to her remote island.

This event solidified the vision of the CPA, the entrepreneur and the lawyer. Thus, the trio now officially bring you Beach Tennis Life… Beach Tennis for all!


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